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Language & Light

As mentioned on the blog’s ‘About Page, ‘ A relationship between language and color is likely to be a key factor in the ongoing development of my project. My interest in the possible relationship between language and color was initially sparked by attending an exhibition of James Turrell’s color-spaces many years ago. The work evoked a sense of perceptual awareness which seemed entirely impossible to express in language. Ever since seeing the Turrell exhibition, I’ve dreamed of creating work which reduces language to the archetypes of awareness. It’s probably impossible to achieve the goal of actually creating such works: however, the goal of producing them serves as a source of inspiration. In 2013, I developed a photographic work titled, “Word-Colored Sky” (shown below). The work was commissioned by Seybert & Rahier Gmbh + Co., Immenhausen, Germany. The 2013 work is an expansion of ideas originally explored in two previous works: an artist’s book, “Equivalents” 1987 (Collection of MOMA); and a 2010 Net Art Project titled, “Colorful Language”(bottom of page).






The image above illustrates a green hue created by the patterning underlying the spelling of the word, ‘SPIRIT’. The sky image has been colorized with the hue (50% added).




The images below are from ‘Colorful Language’. They illustrate how the sequencing of the spelling of written words creates abstract forms which are surprisingly meaningful ( for info on the process and its implications, see ) – the various hues of colored light are created by overlaying the alphabetic matrix on a color-wheel (the coordinates are aligned as shown in the image at the top of the post).